Do You Remember the First Novel You Ever Read?

The very first novel I ever read was The Borrowers by Mary Beth Norton. It is a very cute story about a race of tiny people who lives beneath the floorboards. Unknown to the “human beans”, they survive by “borrowing” the necessities they need from them. I picked it up because we had reading classes back then where we just read for an hour each day =)

Do You Remember the First Novel You Ever Read? What is it about? I love hearing about people’s first time stories 😀


14 responses to “Do You Remember the First Novel You Ever Read?

  1. I wish I could remember the first novel I ever read. I do remember picking up the borrowers but I don’t think I found it interesting enough to finish. Do famous five books count as novels? What is a novel exactly?

  2. I can’t remember and I am so so so so sad I can’t remember my first novel lol.

  3. Hmm. It’s so long ago, I can’t remember. Does that tell you how old I am? 😉
    I think it was Call of the Wild by Jack London, or Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Both are classics and about animals. Oh, yes, I loved the Famous Five books, too – couldn’t get enough of them.

  4. It’s too long ago to remember, although I am sure that I love reading when I was a little kid. Books were scarce when I was young, so I basically read everything I can get at that time. It feels really great to get whatever you want to read nowadays.

  5. Somehow I can’t remember the first novel but I have read some great novels over the years.. reading just takes me to another world.

  6. i’ve watch the movie version of this book. there’s little tom felton (draco malfoy from harry potter) in that movie. very fun movie and story.

  7. My first was probably either Black Beauty or The Little Princess, although it’s hard to be sure. Great question!

  8. I think the first ‘real’ novel I read was Alice in Wonderland. And I do remember The Borrowers, too 🙂

  9. I love the Borrowers!
    I wish I could remember my first novel, but I remember the first novel that had an impact on me as an adolecent was To Kill A Mocking Bird.

  10. I LOVED The Borrowers!!

    I vividly remember my first novel. It was a Nancy Drew book, The Whispering Statue. I was sooooo proud of myself when I finished it.

  11. I think the first books I’ve ever read were the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary…

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