Room by Emma Donoghue

I am not quite a fan of novels narrated in a kid’s perspective. They are interesting but they tend to be a bit too simplistic, so the novel must be very good for me to like it. Room is one of the few books that are narrated in kid’s perspective which I liked. Here’s the book trailer:

In the first half of the novel, the author tries to create a strong mother who’s love for Jack has allowed her to raise him under almost impossible conditions. The second half of the novel is about Jack getting used to the world.

I really liked Ma in the novel because she shows us what a mother is like. She tries to protect Jack from all the ugliness in the world, and she sets rules like making sure that he watches T.V. for only a certain period of time. But she is not a saint. Like all mothers she gets tired, there are days when she doesn’t want to get up and cook for Jack, but nevertheless Jack is her top priority in life even though she doesn’t show it sometimes. And that’s what makes mothers great!

This novel is really thought-provoking. Does stories like this only happen in books and not in real life because no one proved that there are indeed real life examples of this? Does miracles only happen in movies and T.V.? Lack of evidence to something does not necessarily make the contrary true. This book is not perfect, but it did make me think and see the world in a different way:

“But the things is, slavery is not a new invention. And solitary confinement — did you know, in America we’ve got more than twenty-five thousand prisoners in isolation cells? Some of them for more than twenty years.’ Her hand is pointing at the puffy-hair woman. ‘As for kids — there’s places where babies lie in orphanages five to a cot with pacifers taped into their mouths, kids getting raped by Daddy every night kids in prisons, whatever, making carpets till they go blind — ”


21 responses to “Room by Emma Donoghue

  1. I thought the narration from Jack’s POV was done very well. I enjoyed the book and while I had some issues with it, the perspective wasn’t one of them.

    • I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the book as much if it was written in Ma’s perspective.Don’t really like the writing style though, but that’s just something that comes with narrating from a kid’s perspective. ^_^

  2. I never heard if this, thanks for posting this book trailer. I can’t wait to try to find this book. Great post

  3. I really liked this book, though it’s quite sad in the end, I think. The plot was a bit shocking once it was revealed, but in the end, I felt kind of sorry for the boy and his mom, but especially the boy. I know the readers are supposed to be happy that it ended they way it did, but you can’t help but feel as the boy did…that being in his own world was better than being in the real world.

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  5. Hi, i watched the trailer 2 times! Lol. Whats up with the bad guy!? does he do anything bad to the child in the book!? Anyways you have very proper grammar and good spelling!!! I read your “about” and it said you didnt but you sure do!

    • Hihi!!! What happened was that Old Nick raped Ma and locked her in a garage for years and years, and then Jack was born. Since they are locked in the garage, Jack has never seen “outside” and thinks that Room is the world and that’s all there is to it.

      And lol I secretly corrected lots of grammar mistakes even after the post get proofread and published =P but I think blogging has helped me. I think my grammar has gotten better lately. ^_^

  6. You are welcome lol. It’s a good book you should check it out 😀

  7. Lol do you really want me to tell you the ending?

  8. Hehe Thanks, I love your blog too, btw. =) I actually have a can of silver spray paint and I’m thinking maybe I should do the thing that you did. It’s really clever 😀

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