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I am a seventeen-year-old student who never liked reading. Even seeing me touch a book would be a rarity. Reading gave me a headache. This summer, I met this awesome teacher at summer school who had helped me discover the joy of reading. At first I’d rather watch the television than sit at a desk and read, but I later found out that it’s more fun when you use your imagination and let it take you to places that you’ve never been to before. I may be slow at giving reading a chance, but I am glad I did it. Now I shall dedicate my time to reading everyday and sharing what I have read in this blog. Please do take a look around.

(btw my grammar is bad so I apologize in advance if it bothers anyone. I am trying really hard to correct it though and hopefully it will improve as I read & write more)

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  1. I’m glad you started reading. It’s never too late to start. If you’re ever stuck for a book to read try reading the books of some of your favourite movies. You’ll find that they are usually much better than the movie and have so much extra detail.

  2. When I was in highschool, I would check out 2 to 3 books a week and go through them like candy. (: Glad you decided to start reading cause it’s amazing.

  3. What a great concept! I’ve always been a bookworm, but it’s certainly never too late to pick up the wonder of reading 🙂

  4. allthatisonmymind

    I’m right here following in your footsteps..lol Even i haven’t read a lot as yet,but I am planning to do the same.Thanks for the post!I’ll grab Pride and prejudice and read it right now 🙂 Good luck,and keep reading 😉

  5. allthatisonmymind

    alright..can’t not share a random off the topic but interesting fact ;p I share my b’day with jane austen ❤ 🙂

  6. This is fantastic! I’m so glad you stumbled onto my blog because now I have had the chance to stumble upon yours. I didn’t realize you were younger than me! I’m impressed, and I hope you stick with it. I’m going to “follow” you and see for myself. ^_^

    • hehe…let’s continue with our life-changing habits together ♥ and btw, reading is a great way to use up your free time…since you quit t.v. 😉

      • Let’s do it! ❤ And yes, I've been reading so much more lately. I just started blogging, but every single one of my posts (except for the one about hula hooping) has included at least one reference to the books I'm reading. ^_^

  7. This was actually a really inspiring “About Me” page. I am so happy that you gave reading a chance. I am a huge advocate of reading everyday because it is like exercise for your brain. It helps keep your mind active and it can be so enjoyable!

  8. Great job! As a library student, I’m sometimes oblivious that there are many out there that have never picked up a book. This is a great way to track your progress and see what you are interested in. Let me know if you need any pointers about what to read and stuff to avoid. I read a lot of teen literature and the only word of advice I can give is if you don’t like a book, don’t hesitate to put it down. There are so many people out there that feel like they have to finish a book once they start. You will soon find what you like and what you don’t like. Good luck!

  9. I’ve always loved reading and can’t image people who don’t (which is like 3/4 that people I know) Books take you away and into a different world — but I’m an only realistic book kind of girl, as in NO Twighlight/Harry Potter/etc.etc.

  10. congrats on finding pleasure in reading. It didn’t take with me initially either until 17-18ish.

  11. I didn’t read my first book until I was out of high school; English was my 3rd language so was basically tossed through the system like a rag doll. The teachers never thought to address the problem at the root of it (to teach me more English) instead they put me in special ed classes so I never really learned anything until I got out of high school and started teaching myself. I later found out from a great x teacher named John Taylor Gatto that I was actually worth 3 times as much money to the school system as a special ed student than a regular student – hence their reluctance to help. I recall many classes I was put into were I shared the classroom with kids that could not speak at all because of mental disabilities.

    I’m so glad that you found that teacher that inspired you. unfortunately I didn’t find one like that so I was forced to stumble through darkness until I found a light.

    Thank you for being you and keep posting and keep reading. (you have inspired me to read more.)

  12. Hi there. I recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading your posts, so I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my post that links back to your blog here http://booksandboston.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/the-versatile-blogger-award/ 🙂

  13. Hey! I 17 and my blogs dedicated to book reviews and book related stuff too! I just stumbled across your blog and I’m really loving it atm! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  14. Thanks for the Like–good to see that 17 y.o.’s who like to read also like apple tarts. Just quickly poked through your blog–lots of good stuff. One thought on continuing to plow through a book with a bad beginning. As a voracious reader and a professional writer approaching 60 I finished everything I started until around the age of 45. After that I realized that there were simply so many great books I probably wouldn’t get to that I resolved not waste any more time on ones I didn’t enjoy. If an author doesn’t grab me in the first 50 pages, then I let the book go. I have friends who swear that Jonathan Franzen’s THE CORRECTIONS is brilliant, but he lost my interest early on. Good luck with your reading project. The machine of imagination that cranks into action in our heads every time we read really is the best. Ken

  15. I also just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award too! I know you’ve had it before, but you deserve it again! http://beckysblogs.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  16. Thanks for checking out my blog!!


  17. So glad you have discovered some of the joys of reading. I have a friend that I’ve done some editing for, and in one of his books he wrote a brief biographical sketch: he didn’t read much of anything until he graduated from high school. He managed to get around it during high school by using things like SparksNotes, listening really well in class, and being incredibly creative. Someone convinced him to try Lawhead’s Albion trilogy (yeah, I know from reading some of the above comments, you don’t care for fantasy), and he was hooked. Some 10-15 years later, he’s a read-a-holic, and has a few published books to his credit. (Christopher Hopper, FYI, the White Lion Chronicles, and a few books with Wayne Thomas Batson – all in the fantasy genre, I’m afraid, but good stuff.) So don’t feel you’ve started too late – you’re just on a different schedule than some others, and you’re off to a great start. I’ve certainly enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

  18. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the an Award. Visit my blog to see what to do..

  19. Both Danika and I would love to be a part of this. We’d love to be able to provide you with a copy of our book to read, no charge! Let me know how we can get ahold of you to provide you with that. 🙂

    • Hello Oliver. I’d like to first of all thank you for this opportunity (in fact, it’s the first time I’ve actually have an opportunity like this so I am really, really grateful). I consider myself a book blogger rather than a book reviewer, but I would love to read your book and write about my thoughts and feelings on it. 😀 You can contact me and give me the details at thedayistartedreading@gmail.com

  20. Thanks for liking my post. Hope you’ll come back. Your blog looks like something worth coming back to.

  21. Hey there!
    It has been quite long since you last visited my blog and shared your valuable feedback! 🙂
    Here are some tokens of remembrance, and appreciation for you. I will actually be glad if you just visit and accept.
    Sincere wishes,
    P.S. You have a wonderful site!

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